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Access to global markets is now available to even private traders with a small amount of capital

Daigo Genji is an independent multi asset trading Brokerage Company that offers state of the art trading technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on major exchanges throughout the Asia Pacific Region and on important European and North American Exchanges.


Daigo Genji is a well-diversified, fully integrated multi asset Brokerage Company. The firm also encapsulates top-tier market share in agricultural, metals, energy and financial commodities products in Asian and global Markets.


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The trade in commodities is one of the main foundations of the global trading system. For the serious trader, a knowledge in how to trade commodities is vital: great profits can be made if a trader has an in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding globally traded commodities, and knows the mechanics of how to trade them.

But though this trade has a long tradition, innovations are still occurring: advances in technology mean that new commodities are coming onto the market all the time, while the advent of online commodity trading means that access to global markets is now available to even private traders with a small amount of capital.



Our experience in the markets has always have been the foundation of our client offerings. The agricultural market knowledge available from the professionals at Daigo Genji will serve our clients whether they are an investor, a hedger or a speculator.

Our clients can rely on us to provide market insights and strategies that come from years of experience, exclusive on the-ground market intelligence and primary market insights on both market fundamentals and technical analysis.

Grains and Livestock commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Corn, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Oats, Soybeans, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Wheat.



The worldwide energy markets are in continuous motion and always growing and developing.

Energy commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Electricity, Ethanol, Light Sweet Crude, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Brent Crude, Natural Gas, Crude Oil.



Our clients are up to date to the movers of world interest rates with the experienced fixed-income team at Daigo Genji. World-class execution, clearing, analytics and support are key components available to institutions, corporations and individual traders who trade these financial instruments. Hedgers interested in mitigating interest rate risk or speculators looking to catch the next move can leverage fixed income futures of the world’s major economies.

Fixed Income contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Asian Bonds, USD/Yen, Euro/USD, Asian Treasury Bonds, Asian Treasury Notes, Euribor, Euro/Swiss, Gilt, JGB, Sterling STIR, U.S Treasury Bonds, U.S. Treasury Notes.



Daigo Genji is dedicated to offer professional FX services to its introducing brokers, brokerage firms, large corporations and institutional traders. A full suite of services is available, including liquidity, platforms, and clearing and reconciliation services.



Daigo Genji offers professional service when clients trade base, precious and platinum group metals. Valuable market advice is offered to our clients from our renowned team of market observers that covers metals activity throughout the global trading day, including alerts and analysis.

Metals commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Copper, Copper, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Steel, Tin, Zinc.



The softs markets are highly volatile such as coffee, sugar, orange juice and cocoa. Staying up to date with what’s happening requires the right mix of in-depth analysis, insightful guidance and effective execution services.

Daigo Genji specializes in delivering commercial users and producers of these commodities with smart risk-management analysis and advice that equal an unmatched trading experience.

Soft Commodities commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Cocoa, Coffee, Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Orange Juice.



Manage risk and optimize your portfolio with structured products that utilize commodities, futures, options and exchange-cleared OTC products. At Daigo Genji, an experienced and dedicated team is prepared and ready. The team specializes in putting forth structured products to suit clients’ specific requirements for risk management, arbitrage and portfolio optimization.

Agricultural commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Grain Futures and options, Corn Calendar Swaps, Ethanol, Fertilizer.

Energy commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Crude Oil, NG and Basis, NGL’s (propane, natural gasoline, and cracks), Oil Options, Gasoil, Fuel Oil, Heating Oil and basis, options (physical, financial, average price).

Metals and OTC commodity contracts that Daigo Genji trades in: Hot Rolled Steel, Iron Ore 62% Fe China, Iron Ore/Steel spread.

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We provide trading for beginners to advanced traders alike. We also specialize in providing full-service trading to those clients who would prefer to have a commodity broker assist them with trade execution or for placing orders. We have professional proprietary investment strategies and operate successfully in the markets.

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We treasure our independence of action. We protect our clients' and other stakeholders' trust by adhering to our regulatory and professional standards, which are designed to enable us to achieve the objectivity necessary in our work. In doing so, we strive to ensure our independence is not compromised or perceived to be compromised.

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Whether you want to trade shares in London, commodities in Chicago, indexes in New York or Crypto-currencies, Daigo Genji can offer it clients round-the-clock access. Operations are backed by professional service from our brokers and trading desks that keep track of your positions, orders and account with state-of-the-art trading and clearing services in the world.