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Shares Trading

Looking for a shares investment account?

The Daigo Genji Trading Account is the ideal choice for investors looking for flexibility and uncapped investment options. It is our most flexible investment account and has the widest choice of investment options in the market, shares, including funds, shares, investment trusts and ETFs.

With our impartial expert ideas and analysis, you will have all the tools you need to be a confident investor.


What are stocks, shares and equities?

Stocks, shares and equities are terms used to describe units of ownership in one or more companies. The owner, known as a shareholder, will also have the right to part of the company’s earnings if a dividend payment is made, as well as voting rights.

The terms are often used interchangeably in finance, but there are some technical differences between them that can cause confusion. Equity is the term for a total ownership stake in the company after the repayment of any debt, while a share or stock describes a single unit of ownership. The plural term shares usually refer to units of ownership in a specific company, while equities and stocks are terms generally used to refer to portions of ownership multiple companies.

The weight of a shareholder’s vote and the number of dividends they receive will depend on the number of shares issued by a company and what portion of this they own. For example, if a company has 1,000 shares in circulation, and an individual was holding 100 shares, they could be said to have a 10% stake in the company.


Why trade shares with Daigo Genji

  • Our trading account puts you in control of your investments
  • Invest in our full range of shares, funds and more
  • No limits on the amount you invest
  • Access your money whenever you like
  • Over 1,000 global stocks to choose from all major stock exchanges. Invest directly in shares, ETFs, funds, investment trusts and more.
  • Great user-friendly broker
  • Buy shares without paying any commission or share dealing charges
  • Ability to copy the trades of other users


Always in control

Buy and sell investments, check your portfolio and fund your account anytime with our iOS and Android apps.


Always stay ahead of competitors

Get the state-of-the-art streaming prices and real-time portfolio management with Daigo Genji Trading platform.


Invest how you choose

Investing with Daigo Genji means investing worldwide. Access global exchanges anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We give you the tools and the possibilities. You're in charge of your financial future.


Anywhere, anytime.

From our trading platform, you can access your portfolio, streaming quotes, market news, and extensive order capabilities. Available on web and mobile, our platform is easy to use and comprehensive.

Our new mobile application has received very positive feedback, allowing investors to trade quickly and easily wherever they are.

Trading Tools

Whether you want to trade shares in London, commodities in Chicago, indexes in New York or Crypto-currencies, Daigo Genji can offer it clients round-the-clock access. Operations are backed by professional service from our brokers and trading desks that keep track of your positions, orders and account with state-of-the-art trading and clearing services in the world.

Our Business. Behaving professionally

We treasure our independence. We protect our clients' and other stakeholders' trust by adhering to our regulatory and professional standards, which are designed to enable us to achieve the objectivity necessary in our work. In doing so, we strive to ensure our independence is not compromised or perceived to be compromised.

Secure the financial future for your investment plans

We provide trading for beginners to advanced traders alike. We also specialize in providing full-service trading to those clients who would prefer to have a commodity broker assist them with trade execution or for placing orders. We have professional proprietary investment strategies and operate successfully in the markets.